“No es posible tener un negocio funcionando de forma robusta en un mundo de desigualdad y pobreza en aumento o, también lo digo, de cambio climático. Lo bueno es que junto a nuestra obligación moral de enfrentar estos desafíos globales se presenta una enorme oportunidad de negocio.”  

Paul Polman, exCEO de Unilever

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If you want to stay in the consumer’s mind and be chosen by them, you must go into the Corporate Social Innovation (CSI) model that makes the companies became problem solvers.

Just as we use the Blockbuster and Netflix as an example to talk about the value of going through digitalization, in the near future, we´ll talk about the companies that didn´t see the change toward sustainability and disappeared.

Ignacio Vidal, CEO Socialab Colombia.

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