How to become a company of the future? The answer lies in business social innovation.

Imagine what it would be like to work in a company where innovation and sustainability are the basis of the business, where environmental and social indicators have the same relevance as economic indicators.

Implement our methodologies and strategies proven in 6 Latin American countries, so that your company becomes a real example of BUSINESS SOCIAL INNOVATION and sustainability with a concrete long-term vision.



We manage and design tailored calls so that you can identify solutions to your strategic challenges by challenging external audiences of different profiles.

Our experience and network allow us to identify and scout already consolidated companies or ventures at the stage you need.

Entrepreneurship programs tailored to your needs

Based on an initial diagnosis we design and execute a collaborative strengthening program to incubate or accelerate the initiatives of the sector of your interest so that they can be transformed into a solution to your strategic challenges.


It is the ideal service if you consider there are not solutions to your challenges yet. It is a program in which we invite thousands of people to develop solutions under a methodology and a limited time (for example, 72 hours), to the challenge that you define.

It will result in initiatives with an early level of development but that can be the starting point to the dream solution. You can do it by summoning external or internal audiences.

When you work with us you connect your organization with the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the largest network of impact innovators in Latin America.

We are the largest network of challenge solvers in Latin America. During these 10 years of existence we have been devoted to understanding in a systemic way the environment in which we live, to recognize the problems that we must solve as humanity and thus guarantee the subsistence of our species. But not only that, we have also honed our senses to identify the best solutions to each challenge posed.

We have worked with more than 200 clients and allies in Latin America, identifying 260 sustainability challenges that have invited more than 1 million people to participate in collaborative processes to propose more than 70 thousand solutions to these challenges, resulting in a portfolio of social innovations ready to generate impact.

You will have access to our Open Innovation Platform which has a captive community of people with ideas and initiatives ready to solve your strategic challenges.

In it you can generate visibility for your strategy with your external stakeholders as well as open spaces for participation for your collaborators and allies in the role of mentors, evaluators or experts on specific topics.

You will be able to monitor progress from your own computer and have direct access to all the proposed solutions while we generate detailed reports with all the data that is relevant for you and your organization to improve in each new process.

The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.

The difference between a problem and a challenge is that the first is presented as a difficult barrier to overcome, which in many cases blocks us, while the second is a challenging opportunity that invites us to propose solutions.

After doing this process with more than 200 clients in Latin America, we learned very well how to turn a problem into a strategic challenge that thousands of people want to solve.


We will refund your money if we do not find the solutions you need.
You won’t find anyone else who promises this.


Paola Andrea Mejía

Head of employment, entrepreneurship and business development at COMFAMA

In addition to the fact that Socialab designed and implemented a high quality entrepreneurship program for more than 100 participants, it built a committed community that generated synergies between entrepreneurs, companies and consultants, contributing to the growth of the creative and cultural ecosystem of Medellín.

Camilo Franco

Corporate Citezenship Lead  Accenture Colombia

Working with Socialab allowed us to put the knowledge and experience of our team at the service of an initiative with social and environmental impact. It was an inspiring and transformative experience for our team because it allowed them to see first-hand the impact that we can generate in our environment.

Vanessa Caicedo

Director of Pavco Foundation

Socialab’s open innovation platform allowed us to easily and pedagogically receive, monitor and evaluate projects from many corners of the country. In the mentoring and evaluation stages, we involved our collaborators and allies, who were able to interact permanently with the participants in a virtual way. The information of the entire process will always be available thanks to the access we have to the platform.

Juan Pablo Vélez

President of the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena

With the support of Socialab, we have managed to encourage the entrepreneurial community to propose solutions for the most relevant social and environmental challenges in Cartagena. More than 150 proposals have been identified in the 2 calls we have made, which has allowed us to consolidate an instance of collaboration with a key interest group for the Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena.