Socialab | Argentina
Incentivamos la creación de soluciones para un mundo mejor.
Empatía, colaboración, resolver, problemas, humanidad, Socialab, impacto, impacto social, búsqueda y apoyo a emprendimientos sociales, innovación, sostenibilidad, soluciones, mundo mejor.
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Socialab Argentina, co-creating high impact solutions for global challenges

What do we do?


We co-create with companies and governments new products, services and business models focused on generating triple impact: economic, social and environmental. We generate exchange spaces with all the involved actors, so we can identify problems and then co-create solutions, prototype, test and implement them.

Pre-Incubation of startups with high social impact

We assist entrepreneurs with great potential to go from idea to prototype, prototype to pilot and from the pilot to scale their solutions.

Open Innovation Challenges

More heads think better than one. We make social challenges visible in union with companies, governments and international agencies, and invite the whole society to co-create solutions to solve them.

Innovation Workshops

We provide workshops where we generate diagnosis, project solutions and work methodologies to encourage more people to become change agents.


We promote knowledge transfer and the spirit of change in all sectors of society, enhancing the work of social entrepreneurs as change agents on the road to building a better future. We do it through events, festivals, workshops and talks.

Meet our awesome team

Jorge Riva

Jorge Yoyo Riva – Executive Director

María Esquivel

María Esquivel – Director of Operations

Julieta Tortosa

Julieta Tortosa – Project Coordinator

Rosario Semenzato

Rosario Semenzato – Project Coordinator

Pilar Arriola

Pilar Arriola – Project Coordinator

Indalecio Ruiz Duggan

Indalecio Ruiz Duggan – Director of Administration, Finance & Startups

Nicolás Mosquera

Nicolás Mosquera – Administrative & Co.Work Coordinator

Julieta Gil

Julieta Gil – Communications Coordinator

Our partners

We have friends in the business, meet our annual partners

We are waiting for you in our cowork space, let’s launch together 🙂