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Impact Figures

Socialab intends to have an impact in different dimensions and categories. We understand Social Impact as the systematic variation in one or more social aspects in a community’s life.


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Impacted People

This refers to the learning and teaching process of values, knowledge and skills that allow a person or community to fully develop, through formal or informal methods. It can be institutionalized, self-managed or co-built in a community.

  • Access to education
  • Education quality
  • Digital literacy
  • Integral education



Impacted People

The World Health Organization establishes health as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. We add that this is the state that allows individuals their personal and communal development, and it is reached through proper prevention and treatment of physical and psychological illnesses.

  • Access to general and specialized care
  • Access to medicines
  • Healthy habits
  • Disease prevention
  • Sexual and reproductive education



Impacted People

According to the International Labour Organization, work is the set of human activities, paid or unpaid, that produce goods or services in an economy, or meet the needs of a community or provide the means necessary for individual support. It is sought that the conditions by which this activity is carried out don’t deny the dignity of the workers, ensuring respect for their rights, including those of working children.

  • Promotion of tools and productive development
  • Decent work
  • Access to work

Family Economy


Impacted People

This is understood as the mechanisms by which individuals, families and households manage their financial, physical and temporal resources.

  • Savings
  • Access to micro-finance
  • Income


New Dimension

Without impact

Sociability refers to the interpersonal relationships between individuals not mediated by ends, but as ends in themselves. As social subjects, healthy interpersonal relationships are fundamental to social well-being and life quality.

  • Citizen empowerment
  • Gender equality
  • Security
  • Social inclusion
  • Access to an impartial justice system



Impacted people

Housing refers to a material structure protected and conditioned to be habitable by individuals, families and groups of people. In order for it to be habitable, housing must meet the minimum infrastructural conditions that allow people to have privacy and develop their daily activities. It must have isolated, waterproofed and ventilated rooms to sleep and recreate, among areas for cooking and bathrooms.

  • Accessibility to housing
  • Housing quality
  • Habitability

Basic Services


Impacted People

It concerns the network of services and infrastructure needed in order to live in an interconnected, healthy and dignified way.

  • Transport accessibility
  • Internet access
  • Electricity access
  • Access to drinking water
  • Sanitation