Socialab | México
Incentivamos la creación de soluciones para un mundo mejor.
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Co-creating Social Impact

What do we do?

Consultancy & Workshops for Social Innovation

Socialab conducts consultancies and workshops where, through a qualitative, ethnographic and user-centered methodology, generates diagnostics, projects new solutions, transfers work methodologies and supports organizations that want to build and be part of the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem.


Social Entrepreneurship Support

Socialab supports projects that seek to make concrete solutions to social problems. Our ability to articulate and generate new opportunities to empower these projects shapes our work. Examples of supported startups are Algramo, Papinotas, Lab4u, Incluyeme, Importa.

Open Innovation Challenges

Through our platform, we detect people with early stage projects that are innovative, sustainable and have high impact potential. In turn, we encourage a movement of creatives who are constantly thinking solutions to solve major social problems. Examples of these calls are Innovatón, Ain’t No Need y Unicef.

Social Movement

We promote knowledge transfer and the spirit of change in all sectors of society, enhancing the work of social entrepreneurs as real agents of change to build a better future. We make all of this through events, festivals, talks and workshops that massify our message, for example, the fiiS.

Meet our awesome team

Juan del Cerro

Juan Del Cerro - Executive Director

If you want to know us, just visit, our doors are always open for those seeking to collaborate.