Socialab | Uruguay
Incentivamos la creación de soluciones para un mundo mejor.
Empatía, colaboración, resolver, problemas, humanidad, Socialab, impacto, impacto social, búsqueda y apoyo a emprendimientos sociales, innovación, sostenibilidad, soluciones, mundo mejor.
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Socialab Uruguay, entrepreneurship for social problems.

What do we do?

Innovation challenges
We make challenges where we invite everyone to share their ideas, and through our web platform, we detect and finance the best social enterprises at their begins. Some examples are Patricia por la Naturaleza and Mi Nueva Tarjeta Joven.

Accompaniment to entrepreneurs
We support entrepreneurs and help them to focus their social impact through our preincubation process: they receive support until the idea is validated.

Consultancy & Innovation Workshops
We carry out consultancy to help companies and governments to develop products, services and business models focused on double impact. We also provide workshops where we generate diagnosis, project solutions and work methodologies to encourage more people to become change agents.

Social Movement
We promote knowledge transfer and the spirit of change in all sectors of society, enhancing the work of social entrepreneurs as change agents on the road to building a better future. We do it through events, festivals, workshops and talks.

Meet our awesome team

Paula Mosera

Paula Mosera – Executive Director

Malena Stirling

Malena Stirling – Director of Innovation & Training

Lucero Olivera

Lucero Olivera – Director Start, Administration & Finance

Victoria Fraschini

Victoria Fraschini – Communication Officer

Our Partners

We have friends in the business, meet our annual partners.

We are waiting for you in our office. The doors are always open for those who want to undertake and solve social problems at the same time.